Zebra Dove and Spotted Dove

Zebra Dove : Geopelia striata

Other names : Peaceful Dove ; Barred Ground Dove ; Merbok/Balam (Malay) ; Perkutut (Indonesia)

Small (20-22cm) ; First primary attenuated, forehead, face and troat light bluish grey; top of head a pale drab brown . hind neck finely barred whitish drab and blackish . sides of neck, breast and flanks barred black and white . centre of breast mauve pink to salmon pink shading to white on belly and undertail coverts . upperparts light earth brown shading to grey on wing coverts , with black fringesto feathers giving a barred effect. secondaries and primaries dark greyish drab with some chestnut on basal parts of the inner webs forming an obscure patch on underside of wing . underwing coverts pale rufous barred blackish. tail long, central tail feather drab in equal lenght, the four outermost on either side blackish broadly tipped white . these tail feathers progressively shortened so that the tail is graduated when spread. bill grey or greyish brown at tip shading trough blusih grey to gre-blue or blue at base . feet and legs dull pink or mottled dark purple and fleash pink or whitish .

         Geopelia striata placida    Geopelia striata tranquilla    Geopelia striata cleladi

the above 3 sub-species are the australian form found widely in australia . they are paler with the barring extending right across the front as well as sides of breast. they have no chestnut on the inner webs of the wing quils but thier underwings coverts are a barless dark chestnut . the form found in the eastern lesser sunda islands, geopelia striata maugeus, is darker with the entire breast strongly barred , pure white belly and extensive chestnut areas on the wing quils, and chestnut underwing coverts.

Spotted Dove : Streptopelia chinensis

Other Names  : Necklace Dove ; Pearl-necked Dove ; Indian Turtle Dove ; Chinese Turtle Dove

there are 4 sub-species and it's charactoristics are as follows,
        Streptopelia chinensis chinensis     Streptopelia chinensis szetzeri
Length 28-33 cm. forehead, crown and face bluish grey more or less tinged with pink . throat and breast deep wine pink shading to buffish and grey on the lower belly. a narrow black line from mouth to eye. large patch of display plumage on back and side of neck, the individual feathers comprising which are bifurcated, black at the base and with white tips. those on the hinder area of the display patch have pinkish buff tips . Back, most of wings , rump, upper tail coverts and central tail feathers dull drab brown or sepia with paler and (when new) somewhat rufescent edges to most feathers. Line along wing edge, formed by outermost coverts, and underwing coverts slate blue. outer tail feathers greyish black, broadly tipped white. Legs and feet red, pink or purplish. bill dark, orange or pinklish

        Streptopelia chinensis ceylonensis       Streptopelia chinensis suratensis
appreciably smaller than 28 cm and differing in colour from the chinese form as follows. head only slightly suffused with grey . head and breast a paler and more mauvish pink shading to creamy white on the lower belly . undertail coverts white, usually with small blacklish tips. the dull brown feathers on back and wing coverts have blacklish wedge shaped marks at the end flanked on each side by a pale mauve pink ( fading to buff) spot. blue grey area on wing "edge" paler and more extensive . the general effect is of a rather pastel-hued spotted bird whereas the chinese form appears a rather dark bird with only a patch of spotted feathers on the neck .

        Streptopelia chinensis tigrina
is somewhat intermediate in appearance although on the whole closer to the indian than to the chinese form .

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