Old Thai Herbal Medicine for Doves


These following methods of making dove medicine are inherited in a Thai dove farming culture. This method found from menu scrip which was written for hundred years. All of ingredient are from herbs and nature substances and can enhance dove voice and health very well.

1. Smash lemon grass leaves, star fruits leaves, basil leaves................. Together and squeeze for a juice. Mix juice with unpolished rice then dry rice on a sun light. Feed dove with this herb rice often.

2. Use a soil from termite nest, burn it with a strong fire like cooking. Mix the soil with rice whisky and leave it for one day, next morning bake it using strong fire. Mix these ingredient with rice noodle curry soup( which is made from chilli , galingale , fish meat etc.) fried the mixed soil in a pan , add some fish sauce , tamarind and a bit of salt . Its taste should be hot salty and spicy. Fried the soil until it dry then keeps it in a sealed bottle.

3. Cut small chilli in pieces; leave it in a fresh honey for a day. Feed each dove for 4-5 pieces. This ingredient would make doves throat cleared, help digestions and enhance clear voice.

4. Make un-polished rice smoother by soaking it in water. Then mix rice with yolk (can be yolk from chicken or other poultry), dry rice and keep it in a sealed bottle. This special rice would make dove more active and gain more energy.

5. Mix climbing perch fish liver with fish sauce for a day. Feed dove for 4-5 pieces. This work as medicine for good digestions.

6. Mix dry bull drop with fresh honey, grill it on a strong fire. Put small amount in water for dove. This works as a voice enhanceter as bull drop have many nutrition from plants.